Completely eliminates unwanted odor

I love that every punch smells like flowers! And my whole gym thanks you for it!

Best in the game

I have the Sakura scent and it smells absolutely heavenly! I’ve had the deodorizer for almost a month now and it has not lost its scent. 10/10 definitely recommend!

Would buy again

I found these ones made specifically for gloves and they were amazing. My nose is pretty sensitive so these were the perfect for me.

CFX Presents

As a brand, we seek to share the journeys of all types of fighters (professional or not) in our ongoing "CFX Presents" series to highlight their challenges, accomplishments, and what "More than The Fight" means to them.

This collection of videos is our way of sharing the culture, philosophies, and stories behind the many forms of martial arts and those who practice them. Everyone has their own unique journey on how they have gained insights beyond just how to be a better fighter through their training and we're here to help shine a light on their hard work and commitment.